Many existing industrial & business organizations still operate as 20 years ago, with lots of isolated and disconnected legacy systems.

Our Expert Team will Walk you Along the Road to IoT.


How do you move fast into digital world? 

How do you make the right data-driven decisions? 

Are you ready for digital transformation for your business?

What actions do you need to take and where do you start?

The key is our expert roadmap that will help you in making the right business decisions, based on all data your business generates. Ekatra will coordinate and transform your data from countless sources and turn it into insights.


IOT-enabled sensors are providing opportunities to help the utilities and industrial business reduce costs, reduce risks and increase revenue. EKATRA is the new generation real-time monitoring and Digital Twins Software that makes assets Smarter And Extend performances and Remaining Useful Life (RUL). EKATRA interconnected Edge Nodes software complies with IEEE1934 FOG architecture principles. It can run on micro (i.e. Raspberries PI 3), big industrial micro-controllers, servers, and cloud server-less computing Linux dockers platforms.

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