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Ekatra is the Collaborative AI of Things  (AIoT) Platform igniting the digital revolution that creates the next generation of American small- & medium-size business leadership.

Ekatra is an Industrial IoT platform that helps businesses digitize their operations by connecting various distributed sensors, equipment, and locations, providing centralized access to data and control from anywhere in single portal. EKATRA IoT Technology is smartly designed to handle real-time Digital Twins in the distributed value chain of critical decisions.

Already proven in 15 European Nuclear Sites, Ekatra is the new generation of IoT and Blockchain software, helping many businesses processing millions of data points each second in mission-critical applications. Ekatra is quickly becoming the global platform of choice for digital transformation of industrial and enterprise operations. We have all the necessary connectivity to get the data from any sources including legacy equipment in real-time, powerful analytics and amazing industry-relevant user experience.

World-class expertise is included in the following Ekatra offers:

  1. Remote Monitoring through Asset Efficiency, Digital Twin.

  2. Predictive Maintenance.

  3. Safety and Compliance (i.e. Fuel Tanks, Water pipes).

  4. Quality Assurance. 

  5. Optimization.

  6. Agriculture.

  7. Logistics & Fleet Management.


Helping you achieve Safety and Compliance to all modern industry standards

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Extending the life your Assets for years to come


Help secure your the trust of your clients & community